Cyber Harrassment

As many of you know, about 4 months about I had a very serious issue with a cyber stalker. This person became greatly offended that I banned them from my facebook and preceded to attack me and my business anyway they could. At first they claimed I posted other peoples art and claimed it as my own. An example they gave was a funny photo of Batman slapping Robin across the face as Robin begins singing Call Me Maybe. I thought it was clear that the art wasn’t my own but none the less, I removed all images that were not created by people working with Bleeding Ink Productions.

As I have said many times before, I am not an artist. I am a writer and I pay artists to create the art you see on our sites.

However, the removal of these images wasn’t enough and this person then wrote over 12 pages about what a jerk I was, how my comics sucked, and how I rip people off. They posted faked images and posted completely made up lies about me and my company. At the time, I just felt bad for the person and didn’t think too much about it. Then things started to get scary…

The person would then post these lies about me in any online form they could. They had a constant twitter feed that was meant solely to hurt me or Bleeding Ink. This person searched the internet and posted anything they could that would have a negative affect on me as a person. They didn’t care what it was.

Then my brother called me saying he got a disturbing Email from someone telling him how I was an uncreative person and my comics are just rip off of other comics.

I then knew things were serious. I posted a long apology letter to the person then posted it on my facebook for everyone to read but the harassment continued. It was only after I contacted the Internet Crimes Complaint Center that the harassment stopped. That is, until recently.

What this person or persons are doing is illegal. It’s called cyber harassment and it is a serious crime. Every time I see a post that relates to this harassment I document it, ask for it to stop then document that I asked the person to stop. Just because the person is no longer sending me messages directly doesn’t mean it’s not harassment. All I was ask for this person to please stop posting about me and stop contacting people about me. Just leave me, my family and my friends alone.

I will not be addressing this person or persons directly. As advised by the ICCC I will not interact with them in anyway. I will simply document the harassment and the I asked for the person to stop. I will then inform whatever service they are using that the person is using their service as part of ongoing harassment and that the documentary harassment will be sent to the Internet Crimes Complaint Center as well as to the Portland, Oregon Police Department. I will also ask that the material the person has posted be taken down.


I have been making comic books for 3 years and I pride myself on having a good relationship with the people I work with. I have had a great working relationship with over a dozen artists and have had a terrible relationship with 2. I have done nothing to slander the artists that were bad experiences and I hope they have been professional enough to do the same.

I have never taken advantage of an artist, made a profit from these comics or have claimed to be an artist. If anyone doubts that they can look up the tax records for Bleeding Ink, anyone can do this, and see that I have paid far more in payroll alone then I have ever made from selling comics or using Kickstarter.

I have asked over a dozen people that have worked for me in the past to write a brief character statement about me. I asked them to write how long they have worked for me, what projects they have worked on, if they were paid a fair-agreed upon rate and if they were paid on time. I am not forcing them to do this. I am simply asking them for the statements so I can post them online in case there is any doubt about what I am doing with Bleeding Ink Productions.

I like to think working with me is a good experience and that I try very hard to make sure my team is taken care of. Many of my artists have worked with me for years on multiple projects. Creating these comics is my life and makes me sick to think that someone wants to attack them for a personal reason. Again, I have made no money from these comics. Anything I make from sales or Kickstarters goes into the producing of the comics. I am paying my artists and it is how they make a living. While attacking my comics hurts me deeply you are also hurting artists that make comics as a living.

To the person or persons harassing me, I am sorry for whatever I have done. You have proved your point, have scared me, my family and friends. Things are getting very serious and before they progress please stop. Just leave me alone and we can forget this ever happened. What you are doing is illegal. I have asked you to stop yet the harassment continues. Again, I am sorry for whatever I have done but it needs to stop.

To my followers, if you are contacted by this person or persons or see any form of this harassment Please let me know so I can document it. Please do not interact with the person.

Thank you for reading all of this. I am going to try and not let all of this affect me too much. Thank you for being part of Bleeding Ink Productions.

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