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Blackwood #Horror Comic #Kickstarter Please take a second to check out the Kickstarter we just launched for our ongoing horror series, Blackwood.

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Colored Blackwood Poster

Seriously, the people that support Bleeding Ink are so freaking rad. Joey Ro is someone that follows us on facebook and likes the work Kavika is producing for Blackwood. Just for fun he colored the poster Kavika recently made and … Continue reading

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Cyber Harrassment

As many of you know, about 4 months about I had a very serious issue with a cyber stalker. This person became greatly offended that I banned them from my facebook and preceded to attack me and my business anyway … Continue reading

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The Vanezia comicbook Kickstarter.

Brian McCranie is a coworker-friend that I’ve worked with on a few projects. He’s a talented artist that works really fast and does so for a cost that is way too low for an artist of his ability. I would … Continue reading

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Help us deside the look of the main villian in Blackwood.

Here are some break downs for a villain in our comic, Blackwood. He’s is a bigoted preacher that gets possessed by the devil. We’re trying to decide the best look for the character and take all input you guys give … Continue reading

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New Bleeding Ink Video Trailer

This is a video trailer for Bleeding Ink Productions that our friend Chris Lorusso just edited for us. We might change the music and a few more things. Please let us know what you think and what changes you think … Continue reading

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Here’s the final logo for blackwood. Thoughs?

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Blackwood Comic Video Trailer

We just got done with the Trailer for our comic, Blackwood. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

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Peter Pan Graphic Novel Kickstarter

Last night I posted a rant about a kickstarter project. I wrote that they were asking for too much money and several other insulting things including calling the people running the Kickstarter, jerks. What made me feel entitled to do … Continue reading

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Sex scene from Gold-Lined Storms

Reworking some things from my book Gold-Lined Storms and thought I would post this rather hot sex scene (If I don’t mind saying so myself) Let me know if it does anything for you.   I drive her home around … Continue reading

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